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DIGITUSĀ® products again certified by GHMT

DIGITUS Professional products certified by GHMT.

We believe in our products. Therefore, we invest in the future of our products and meet the requirements of external and independent test institutes.

We have therefore certified the following products for you:

Product TypeCertificate Type
DK-1613-VH, DK-1617,
2-Connector Channel Link
DK-1743-VH, DN-936172-Connector Permanent Link
DK-174x-A-VHType Approval
DK-1611-V-305-NC Type Approval
DK-1613-VHType Approval
DK-1623-A-VH Type Approval
DK-1644 Type Approval
DK-1644-AType Approval

The product-relevant certificates are available as download on every
product detail page in several languages.

If you need a specific certificate, we will gladly help you.
Simply contact your sales representative or contact us here.