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< Der Quick-Finder – Noch schneller das richtige Produkt finden
24.10.2016 11:06 Age: 4 yrs

The Quick Finder – Getting fast the right product

For more than 20 years DIGITUS® is well known in the market. The product range of DIGITUS® consists of e.g. extensive 19” offer like Network- and Server Cabinets, Patch Panel, Keystone Jacks, Cable and Accessories.

The Online-Quick-Finder leads you directly to the right Network- or Server Cabinet. Choose one cabinet type, such as Industrial Cabinets, Network- or Servercabinets and Wall or PC Cases. Physical components such as height unit, dimensions and maximum load capacity can be selected in addition to the type of the front door and the cabinet color. Each selection reduces the displayed products. This will help finding the right data cabinet even easier

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