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  • DIGITUS® Packaging

    Discreet and eye-catching at the same time, the packaging fits perfectly on any store shelf. The uniform appearance ensures strong recognition value and contributes to brand identification at the point of sale.

    It’s All About What’s in the Box

    Our product managers choose the packaging according to the product and price segment, while also considering the conditions and situation at the point of sale.

  • Cardboard Packaging

    Sturdy cardboard packaging easily stands up to long-distance shipping and transport, meets high standards in terms of product presentation at the point of sale, and is also easy to handle. It is highly versatile and flexible for display in many different retail environment, and offers ample space for product information or other unique selling points in several languages.

  • Blister Packaging

    The advantage of blister packaging is that the customer can easily identify and inspect the product. It puts the product in the spotlight. The sturdy, transparent packaging makes product details readily visible while also ensuring that the product is securely protected against theft. Euro-standard holes make our blister packs ideal for placing them on hooks.

  • Blister Bags

    Durable blister bag packaging features a secure adhesive closure, effectively protecting the goods against dust and dirt. A label shows the product name in ten languages as well as the product number. Thanks to Euro-standard holes and strong resistance to tearing, the blister bags are ideal for hanging on hooks.

  • DIGITUS® Logistics Management

    We are a logistics service provider with a strong focus on the customer. Our products can be purchased and shipped worldwide. This is made possible by local inventories available in our logistics centers.

Thanks to our expanded high-bay racking warehouse at our headquarters in Lüdenscheid, we are able to ensure supply chain security. We are always looking to optimize dispatch and shipping costs. Our logistics management services include production, packaging, and delivery based on customer preferences. Customer-specific logistics concepts are also possible. We are able to offer just-in-time delivery for all orders as well.