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DIGITUS Plug&View Data Security

The security of your data is our primary concern.  In this section, we explain how the live stream of you camera will be transferred.

 Normal Mode:

In most of the SOHO environment where there is normally no VPN/Security Gateway or Firewall installed, the myDIGITUS server will establish a point to pint (P2P) Tunnel with direct connection between the client devices (mobile phone) and the camera.

Server mode (relay mode)

Is the camera installed in a network environment with Firewall, VPN/Security Gateway, the myDIGITUS server will try to penetrate the Gateway/Firewall first. If this does not operate it will automatically switch to “Server mode”  and so still allow the user  to get video streaming.

In server mode the videos are going to be remit through the myDIGITUS server, since this server relay is consuming the bandwidth of myDIGITUS server. Therefore video viewing is limitated to one minute in order to not overload the server.