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Advantages and Details of DIGITUS Plug&View
  • Automatic firmware updates
    for smartphone/tablet with iOS/Android and Web portal

    Don ?t miss any event
    Video storage 5 sec. before and 25 sec. after event

    Highest safety
    using HTTPS

    Easy Installation
    using QR Code scanning in three steps via App

  • Web 2.0 und HTML 5
    Optimized web view without plugins & updates

    Cloud Backup
    Sync video to Google Drive

    Event notication and event recording
    Immediate event notication on smartphone / tablet

    Direct encrypted connection
    between camera and device

Why is the system called Plug&View?

The name of the product describes one of the main advantages the Plug&View system has to offer.

After fast and simple installation (by scanning the QR code, for example) (Plug), the first live feeds can be displayed immediately (View).

Technical Details

The  concept  of  the  Plug&View  cameras  enables  you  to  stay  in  touch  with  the  family  when  you're out, visually and acoustically, thanks to a 2-way audio function, or to check up on babies and children, or to look after your grandparents who are living alone.

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