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Wlan installation

How to install the wlan to use the cameras wireless?

  • 01. What is the installation procedure via WLAN?

    Watching one of these installation videos will help you with this: Support videos


  • 02. Can I assign a fixed IP-address to the camera in the WLAN?

    Yes, you can assign a fixed IP-address to the camera to connect it to the WLAN. You can find the corresponding settings in the camera configuration under “WLAN”.

  • 03. Is it possible to log into another WLAN with the activated camera and still have a picture in my account?

    Yes, that is possible. Simply follow the instructions in item 4 in the

    Quick Start Guide. After successful registration on the WLAN, you will again have a picture in the Camera Overview in your Plug&View account.

  • 04. The camera does not detect any WLAN-networks in my environment. I am unable to connect via the wired network (LAN).

    Please verify the visibility of your WLAN-network on your computer. You may have selected to hide the SSID (identifier) on your router. Enable broadcasting of the SSID for the installation of the camera. You can then revert back to the previous setting.

  • 05. After successful connection to my WLAN and disconnecting the network cable, I have no video.

    Please close the tab or window of your browser and then log in again. You should then see the camera image again.

    If the image does not return within a few seconds, please check the quality and strength of your wireless network connection. It could be highly utilized by other devices and processes, which may affect the performance of the video.

  • 06. Are there any sources that may interfere with my wireless connection?

    The DIGITUS® Plug & View System offers you ip-cameras with wireless LAN. But unfortunately it is possible, hat there are sources that may interfere with your wireless connection around your wireless LAN area. the following video shows gives some information about these sources and gives your some tips, how to handle them: