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IP Cameras with Interface for many Smart Home Platforms

The interfaces for the DIGITUS® Plug&View IP cameras are programmed in such a way that they can be integrated into smart home systems made by various different providers. This has been made possible through the development of a standardized API interface that remains unchanged across camera generations.

DIGITUS® also provides software developers with a Software Development Kit that they can use to develop their own apps. The DIGITUS® cameras with H.264 compression also have a plugin-free HTML5 stream to simplify integration.

You can integrate DIGITUS® Plug&View cameras into these platforms:

  • mediola

    The first integration was carried out at the end of 2015. The specialist for cross-manufacturer smart home systems provided an update for the Mediola app. All Plug&View cameras can be accessed and controlled using this app.

    The cameras can also be installed and operated with their own Plug&View app.

    Mediola connected living AG regularly expands their all-in-one control and automation system by adding additional brands, all of which can be controlled and monitored with the help of an app.

  • everHome

    everHome has been offering IP camera integration with DIGITUS® Plug&View for its ‘smart home in the cloud’ solution since April 2015. To enable this, everHome integrated DIGITUS® Plug&View technology into everHome CloudBox so that the individual images taken by the DIGITUS® can be accessed via the everHome app and the everHome portal.
    The goal of the cooperation: to be able to use and control DIGITUS® Plug&View cameras through everHome CloudBox.