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Digitus Plug&View IP cameras compatible with NAS servers from QNAP

In 2017 DIGITUS® Plug&View is focussing on further expanding its list of cooperation partners. Customers who would like to use the NAS server no longer have to do so via the ONVIF interface. DIGITUS® cameras are now fully integrated with the well-known suppliers Synology, QNAP and ASUSTOR.

NAS Server | Mobile data access and greater data security

An NAS is a network-connected storage device (Network Attached Storage) with computer-like functions. The network storage device enables the storage and retrieval of data. It consists of one or more hard drives in a special housing and can be connected via a network cable to the router.

The customer can store video files from surveillance cameras on an NAS and also retrieve them from there - and this can be done from any location. The NAS is a Cloud solution in which the server is not on the internet, but in the client's home.
An NAS thus allows itself to be upgraded to a security system and a network of IP cameras can - through practical management options as well as significant storage space - be meaningfully extended.

Through the use of a surveillance station, there is - alongside the recording of the camera feeds - the flexibility of having a fully-fledged network storage device by means of which additional data can be stored and retrieved. Thus, with the NAS one has an all-in-one system at hand.