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Commercial application area

  • Hotels

    The DIGITUS® Plug&View cameras are the ideal solution not just for your own accommodations, but also for protection of guests.

  • Companies

    Protect your company from unauthorized entrance or vandalism as well as your employees from mobbing and thus guarantee self-security.

  • Data Center

    Here, the focus lies on safety – Protect your data center from unauthorized visitors and thus defend the most sensible aspect of your company: namely company and network data.

  • Car Pool

    The DIGITUS® Plug&View outdoor cameras are perfectly suitable for the surveillance of your car pool as to defend it from vandalism.

Private Application Area

  • Baby

    Always keep an eye on your little ones. The ideal alternative if the baby-phone comes to its limits.

  • Pets

    You want to know what your dog or cat is doing alone at home? Supervise your animals on the go.

  • The Elderly

    Supervise solely living elderly people from the distance and use the chance to react to potential emergencies.

  • Homestead

    Observe the incidents at home from your working place. Protect your homestead from burglary and thievery.