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DIGITUS Cat. 7A class FA, S/FTP, Twisted Pair installation cable, 1000 m, simplex, 1500 MHz

EAN 4016032462972

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  • Description

    CAT 7A S-FTP installation cable, 1500 MHz Cca, AWG 22/1, 1000 m, SX, yellow

    Future-oriented standards and high-end quality for your network.

    • This cat. 7A installation cable is suitable for secondary and tertiary building cabling, complies with the standards ISO/IEC 11801, DIN EN 50173, DIN EN 50288-9-1 and supports frequencies up to 1500 MHz
    • The halogen-free sheath material (SFS-PE / polyethylene) ensures low smoking behavior in case of fire and complies with the standards IEC 60332-3-24, FRNC-C, LSZH-3 and the BauPVO Euroclass Cca
    • Thanks to the GHMT PREMIUM Verification Program (PVP) that the cat. 7A data cable is subject to, there is manufacturer-independent and continuous monitoring of the product quality.
    • The shielding of the S/FTP Twisted Pair Ethernet cable contains a foil pair shield and overall shielding using copper mesh - the cross section of the copper conductors is AWG 22/1
    • The 8 individually insulated Cu conductors are twisted into 4 strand pairs and together covered with a 0.6 mm thick cable sheath (Cca), the external diameter of the cable is 8.0 mm nominal

    The DIGITUS® Professional cat. 7A S/FTP installation cable features the following cable structure 4x2x AWG22/1 and achieves a transmission frequency of up to 1500 MHz. The halogen-free cable sheath complies with the standards IEC 60332-3-24, FRNC-C, LSZH-3 and BauPVO Euroclass Cca. The cable is suitable for structured building cabling in secondary and tertiary areas. Complies with the standards ISO/IEC 11801, DIN EN 50173, DIN EN 50288-9-1.

    Technical Details

    • Physical properties
    • Cable: Bare copper wire, AWG 22/1
    • Insulation: SFS-PE (foamed polyethylene sheath)
    • Total number of insulated conductors: 8, twisted in 4 pairs
    • Color code: Blue-white, orange-white, green-white, brown-white
    • Shielding of the individual pairs: Aluminum-covered polyester film, 100% coverage
    • Overall shielding: Copper mesh
    • Outer sheath: Dca to CCA complies with EN 50575
    • Outer sheath thickness (nominal): 0.60 mm (CCA)
    • Outer sheath color: Sulfur yellow (RAL 1028)
    • Mechanical properties
    • Cable grip: 150 N max.
    • Dynamic bending radius: 8x AD mm min.
    • Static bending radius: 4x AD mm min.
    • Transport and storage temperature range: -20 °C to +75 °C
    • Operating temperature range: -20 °C to +60 °C
    • Installation temperature range: 0 °C to +50 °C
    • External diameter simplex (nominal): 8.0 mm (CCA)
    • Weight (kg/km): 68.0 kg (CCA)
    • Electrical properties
    • Impedance: 100 ± 5 ohm @ 1-1000 MHz
    • Capacity: 40 pF/m nominal @ 1 KHz
    • Capacity unbalance (pair earth): 1.6 pF/m max. @ 1 KHz
    • Insulation resistance: 5 Gohm x km min.
    • DC resistance: 72 ohm/km max. (2% max. non-balanced resistance)
    • Loop resistance: 147 ohm/km max. (2% max. non-balanced resistance)
    • Operating voltage: 72 VDC max.
    • Insertion loss: 80 dB
    • Phase delay: 450 nS/100 m max.
    • Signal delay: 10 nS/100 m max.
    • Segregation classification: “d” in accordance with EN 50174-2
    • NVP: 75%
    • Assortment: Twisted Pair Installation Cables
    • Length: 1000 m
    • Category: CAT 7A
    • Color: yellow
    • CPR: Cca
    • Jacket: LSOH
    • Shielding: S-FTP, pairs in metal foil and braid shielding
    • Structure: 4 x 2 AWG 22/1, solid twisted pair
  • Logistics

    Packaging Unit Carton166,5053,0053,0043,50122192,00
    Packaging Unit Inside166,5053,0053,0043,50122192,00
    Packaging Unit Single166,5053,0053,0043,50122192,00
    Net single without Packaging166,0953,0053,0043,50122192,00
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