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Firmware Update

How to operate the firmware update on my DIGITUS ® Plug & View?

  • 01. How do I perform a firmware update?

    It’s not as difficult as you might think. On the support pages for the different camera models we have created a guide on how to perform the firmware update.

    Download the guide for performing the firmware update.

  • 02. The firmware update does not reach 100% and hangs.

    Please check your current firmware version and if the firmware update was run on Internet Explorer 8/9.

    Should you already be running IE 10, please download the update guide and follow the instructions. Firefox and Chrome are only supported from firmware-version “T”.

    If you are experiencing further issues, please contact our technical support at 0180-5-344001 (0.14 €/min).

  • 03. After the firmware update the previous firmware version is still displayed in the Status window.

    Please verify if the firmware update completed 100%. Boot the camera by removing it from power for at least 7 seconds. Clear the browser cache and log in again. Should you still see the old firmware version displayed, please contact our technical support at 0180-5-344001 (0.14 €/min).