Mein System

® Gigabit network USB adapter

Expands Ultrabooks, Netbooks, Notebooks, PCs, Macbooks Pro and Macbooks Air and Tablet PCs (Android, Windows, Rasberry Pi) to an RJ-45 network connection

USB 3.0 connection cable, A/M - micro B/M

Gold plated connectors and a high screening gage allow a reliable and quick connection of external USB 3.0 devices with the PC, also about longer distances.

VGA Monitor connection cable, HD15/M - HD15/M

Satisfies the highest demands to the image quality by gold platedt contacts, ferrites and a double shielding.

VGA Monitor Connection Cable

Offers high-quality protection against external interferences and prevents ghost images and other image faults.

CF Card Reader Adapter for ExpressCard

The mobile high-speed drive for professional photographers use